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Could your business use a talented graduate or student?

We help you find the right people with the right combination of skills, talent and enthusiasm.

Graduate recruitment and student placements

With 18,000 students and thousands of alumni, Teesside University represents an incredible pool of talent for employers.

Students and graduates contribute to local, national and international organisations of all shapes and sizes, bringing enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, and problem solving to help your organisation thrive.

We can provide a customised approach to your recruitment to

  • Access our recruitment and matching service, to get the best graduate candidates for your business needs.
  • Access part-financed graduate talent for short term projects.
  • Trial prospective new employees.
  • Get the knowledge, skills and technological know-how to increase your company’s performance, productivity and competitiveness.
  • Raise student awareness before they graduate through careers events and presentations.

Support from the University

When employing a student or graduate for a placement opportunity, you’ll have all the support and guidance you need from our team of friendly and experienced advisers. We will help you select the right placement scheme for your business, offer a recruitment and matching service and help you through any paperwork you may need to complete.

Types of placements available

We provide a customised approach to help you find a student or graduate to suit your needs. There are a number of work experience schemes available depending on your requirements.

Placement type Duration and timings Level of student
Masters with ‘advanced practice’ Minimum 12 weeks starting in September and January Second year masters student
Sandwich placement, year in industry Minimum 36 weeks to start between June and September Second or third year undergraduate student
Module placements One or two semesters to be undertaken alongside the student’s course of study Penultimate or final year undergraduate or postgraduate students
Funded graduate internships 10 – 12 weeks, start dates throughout the year Teesside University graduates

*eligibility criteria apply.

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Quorum Development

Quorum Development, of Sedgefield, County Durham, is a market leader in providing EDT (electronic data transfer) and EDL (electronic dispatches and logging) interfaces to National Grid.

Jordan Robinson, an MEng Instrumentation and Control graduate, during a four month work placement and as part of his Master’s degree project at Quorum Development Ltd, developed an interface that connected up Quorum’s software to a wind turbine, demonstrating that National Grid could automatically control a wind turbine’s output.

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Here at ElringKlinger (GB), creating job opportunities for University leavers is a priority – our dedication to providing opportunities through our Year in Industry placements is testament to this. Businesses need to invest properly in careers advice to attract young people from an early age, which is why we work in partnership with Teesside University, to encourage and support the younger generation who are aiming for a career in engineering.

Ian Malcolm, Managing Director, ElringKlinger (GB)

Working with the team at Teesside University has been a fantastic way to attract new people into our company. We were able to interview a number of candidates for the roles we have on offer, and had the option to select the best candidates. The graduates have been very enthusiastic and invaluable so far, and I know they will continue to develop into their roles.

Steve Cochrane, managing director, Psyche

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